Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Real life?

I like this book. I said it once and ill say it again. I like this book. This book is exactly like teenage love interest and what boys want and proof that there are good guys out there and that you just have to follow your heart and it will lead you to where you are suppose to be and what belongs with you. This book I think is for sure my second favourite book. I just wonder why every teenage love story or any story about relationships work out in the end for the best when in real life nothing really works out for the best. I would like to find a book that demonstrates all the real hard ships of life and how they conquered or learned to live with what happened in the end.

Different but I like it

I am currently reading the biggest book that I have ever read in my life. Not only is it the biggest book but it is one of the better books that I have read. The book that I am reading is in my genre on interests. The book is different, there are two main characters, Sara and Tobey and each of them get a chapter to talk and you get to hear both of their sides of the same story, and to make sure you don’t get confused about who is talking the font is different for the two of them. I have never seen this before. Not only was it confusing at the start but it actually made the book so much easier to understand.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love to Read

I know this may sound girly but I love the teenage/high school/real life love stuff. I think I like this genre because all of it I can relate to and also learn about different ways people deals with drama. The new book that I am reading is hard to understand at first but as you get going and get to know and understand the characters of the book you soon learn everything you need to know to stay in the loop. The author hasn’t really given me a description of what they look like but I know all the characters personalities really well.