Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love to read!!?

Wow. I never thought it could be done, I actually found a book that I love to read and have read it twice already. The book is called a bad boy can be good for a girl and the reason why I love it so much is that I can relate to it so much. In the book there are four characters, three of them are three totally different girls who don't even know each other, then there is a boy. For some reason the author chooses to keep the boys name anonymous, which is a weird spin but I like it. So like I said there are three girls in the book and strangely enough all of them have certain qualities that I can relate to. This book is a book that I think every pre teen and teenage girls should read. I am definitely going to make my daughters and maybe even my son to read so my daughters can be aware of what some boys do and so my boys can be aware of what not to do and how to treat a girl properly. :)


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  1. You have me convinced, I am going to read this book. What about the book makes you think that every girl and boy should read it? Can you think of any specific examples?